Righteous Delays 1

If I have to measure myself on a scale of what was and what now is, I can boldly say GOD IS GOOD.
I probably did not share what inspired me to volunteer initially.
You see I was waiting on God for a breakthrough in my career and profession and life generally and while I was waiting I did not want to be idle. Idleness is a disease so I did not want to be a victim.

I also told myself, that God is not a respecter of location, irrespective of where you are, so far you are in right standing with Christ he will make all things available unto you and prosper you in the land. In fact, I had practically nothing but my brain. So what a way to put it to good use.

What happened after this is still mind blowing, my waiting got worse, everything I had planned to achieve within that period went completely wrong. I was a shadow of myself (well you will never know that lol). My routine was eat, sleep, wake up, read the news (my uncle made sure I do this by providing it everyday lol) and read my books in faith.
Above all, I made sure Christ was at the centre. I made sure that my fear and discouragement did not take away the relationship I had with God.

Sometimes, my aunt will come back from work and put a smile on my face as much as she could (Tiwowo I love you). She will encourage me that it’s gonna get better and of course it did get better.

I joined a youth church, The Rccg Tsp Magodo
and I had the privilege to be a protocol personnel in church. The ambience of the church was so good and by associating with the youth, I became alive again, I found another purpose right there, I met people that we could relate together, share God’s word and grow in it. And God opened the heavens in the midst of service.

The manner with which everything changed still amazes me. God brought me to a deeper relationship with him that I had always avoided. My confidence grew, my passion became alive, my focus was no longer earthly, my perspective changed, I stopped living for myself, I found intercession to be rewarding and impactful, some people hated me for it, while some loved me for it. It did not even matter.

God got me, before I speak, He reveals what he wants me to know and what He needs me to do. It was my story, my journey, my peculiarity, my experience, it was God in me in a new way, it did not matter when I got born again, it only mattered when I developed my personal, intimate relationship with God.

Call it coincidence, but I had to go through that journey. You see, this was just within a year, my journey started long before then but this one was timely and God showed himself mighty!

Yes we preach positivity, but do not allow yourself to be fooled, pain exists, failure exists, lack exists, despondency exists, poverty exist, uncertainty exists, doubt exist, but do you know what factor their existence is based upon? It is FEAR, remove fear from the equation and watch your life transform.
When I say remove fear, I meant you will walk through it, you face it squarely, you will dine with it, you will look at fear in the face and willingly walk through your fears, recognise that it exist and find your purpose.

This story cannot end, because daily opportunities come, challenges come, and fear will show itself. So you have to keep walking, keep trusting, and keep believing. ARISE AND SHINE FOR YOUR LIGHT IS COME AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS RISEN UPON YOU.

Be Encouraged

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