Thoughts, actions and Happy Endings

“Our wishes and prayers are only gratified when they are in harmony with our thoughts and action. “

Now, this month is so much fuss about love and being in love and expressing affection towards our loved ones.

I came across that quote during my study time and I thought to share something in line with it this love season.

We pray to God to give us a very good husband or the best wife. We know all there is to know about what the Bible say about marriage.

However, somewhere in our deepest thought we harbor fears and doubts and what ifs and uncertainties towards that union.

I have come to realize that what we fear the most is what we end up experiencing (your view may be different).

Where am I going with this, stay with me. Our mind is a canvas and we own the pencil to draw on it whatsoever we want to achieve in this life.

In the place of marriage, we need to be conscious of our thoughts because they give birth to our actions which may or may not be in sync with our prayers and wishes of the type of ending we look forward to.

So you see, it’s normal to harbor differences of opinion between a couple but if you truly want a happy ending, you must be able to answer this question:

“What am I feeding my spirit?”

Also, many factors play a huge role in how well or sweet a marriage can be. This stems majorly from our foundation. I never saw my mum and dad together except for once in my entire life and on my wedding day (although they love me so much and found their happiness ).

So daily I make a conscious effort not to allow their inability to impact on my capacity.

I choose to learn from around me, near and beyond.

I make sure I feed my spirit on what I want because my thoughts will birth my action which will in turn form a basis for the goodness I will enjoy in the place of prayer and thanksgiving.

Hence, It is possible to build something good when you find the person, being good or bad is a perception when it concerns humans. What matters is what you do to make the difference.

So think wisely and act accordingly.

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