The Holy Bible Needs No Charger

I know most of us have Bible Apps on our phone. The one we can quickly go to easily for a quick word of God. The flexibility of usage sometimes deprive us of a quiet meditation and reading of that word from the Book itself.

For me I find it convenient to use my phone app when in church or while I’m watching a sermon online because our teachers of the word are sometimes fast when preaching and we want to grasp as much from them as possible.

But you see, the downside of it is that , I get to text it quickly unto my phone, bookmark it onto my screen, in fact, I also highlight the Words in the Bible App for quick references (for those who know how to use it effectively).

But come to think of, if you do all this with the Bible itself, will you feel any difference? Can you see yourself flipping through pages and it’s like the Holy Spirit is speaking to you as you turn the page, from chapter to chapter.

While It is so amazing that we can actually get translational versions that is easy to understand and relate with. However, a personal time exploring the pages of the Bible has a better fulfillment pattern.

In fact the most advantage is that The Book itself, if effectively used can improve our reading skills, research methods, we can even key into the mystery of success principles, salvation miracles, undistracted by all the other activities going on in our phones .

I started with the Book, I am not going to let technology take it away from me, rather I will, with the use of the book, improve on how I use technology to study God’s word.

I am only sharing my thought, I still love my phone app but what happens when the battery isn’t fully charged, The Holy Bible needs no charger

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