Righteous Delays 1

If I have to measure myself on a scale of what was and what now is, I can boldly say GOD IS GOOD.
I probably did not share what inspired me to volunteer initially.
You see I was waiting on God for a breakthrough in my career and profession and life generally and while I was waiting I did not want to be idle. Idleness is a disease so I did not want to be a victim.

I also told myself, that God is not a respecter of location, irrespective of where you are, so far you are in right standing with Christ he will make all things available unto you and prosper you in the land. In fact, I had practically nothing but my brain. So what a way to put it to good use.

What happened after this is still mind blowing, my waiting got worse, everything I had planned to achieve within that period went completely wrong. I was a shadow of myself (well you will never know that lol). My routine was eat, sleep, wake up, read the news (my uncle made sure I do this by providing it everyday lol) and read my books in faith.
Above all, I made sure Christ was at the centre. I made sure that my fear and discouragement did not take away the relationship I had with God.

Sometimes, my aunt will come back from work and put a smile on my face as much as she could (Tiwowo I love you). She will encourage me that it’s gonna get better and of course it did get better.

I joined a youth church, The Rccg Tsp Magodo
and I had the privilege to be a protocol personnel in church. The ambience of the church was so good and by associating with the youth, I became alive again, I found another purpose right there, I met people that we could relate together, share God’s word and grow in it. And God opened the heavens in the midst of service.

The manner with which everything changed still amazes me. God brought me to a deeper relationship with him that I had always avoided. My confidence grew, my passion became alive, my focus was no longer earthly, my perspective changed, I stopped living for myself, I found intercession to be rewarding and impactful, some people hated me for it, while some loved me for it. It did not even matter.

God got me, before I speak, He reveals what he wants me to know and what He needs me to do. It was my story, my journey, my peculiarity, my experience, it was God in me in a new way, it did not matter when I got born again, it only mattered when I developed my personal, intimate relationship with God.

Call it coincidence, but I had to go through that journey. You see, this was just within a year, my journey started long before then but this one was timely and God showed himself mighty!

Yes we preach positivity, but do not allow yourself to be fooled, pain exists, failure exists, lack exists, despondency exists, poverty exist, uncertainty exists, doubt exist, but do you know what factor their existence is based upon? It is FEAR, remove fear from the equation and watch your life transform.
When I say remove fear, I meant you will walk through it, you face it squarely, you will dine with it, you will look at fear in the face and willingly walk through your fears, recognise that it exist and find your purpose.

This story cannot end, because daily opportunities come, challenges come, and fear will show itself. So you have to keep walking, keep trusting, and keep believing. ARISE AND SHINE FOR YOUR LIGHT IS COME AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS RISEN UPON YOU.

Be Encouraged

February 2017

On the journey to purpose:

It has been an eventful 4 weeks of my life.
I woke up to a thought to do something worthwhile while God is on duty.
At first, I was beclouded with thoughts of ‘what ifs’ that could go wrong ‘will I be accepted, will it be relevant, is it necessary, what if they don’t need you. However, one thought was constant ‘Just make that call’.

Then I called my alma mater (Lagos State School of Nursing) and I asked if there is any opening for a volunteer teaching opportunity. Alas, I was given the opportunity to teach the final year students.

It was an opportunity to teach and be taught. So much to learn and much knowledge to give away.

The coordinator, the school principal and vice-principal and the academic staff were very supportive. They put me through the concept of teaching and just allowed me to soar, to identify myself and I wasn’t pressurized at all. That was learning indeed!

During this period, I met an amazing set of intelligent, futuristic students who are willing and in sea h of knowledge, who were devoted to the journey set before them. I was privileged to have impacted the lives of this students and I’m proud to say I have them in my corner.

Where am I going with this?
The bible says ‘your gift will make a way for you
You will speak and hear like the learned
An excellent spirit dwells inside of you.
And lots more.

What voice are you hearing?
what is limiting you?
what present situation is drawing you back?
what are you feeding your spirit?
And above all,
How far can you see?
As far as you can see and know the word that God says about you, nothing can by any means limit you.

I hereby say a big thank you to the staff of Lagos State School of Nursing for this treasured experience and for humbling me with their love and acceptance.Also to my friends, you can be what you want to be God willing.

Give and it shall be giving unto you. In good measures, pressed down and running over shall men and women and the world will give back to you.

Thoughts, actions and Happy Endings

“Our wishes and prayers are only gratified when they are in harmony with our thoughts and action. “

Now, this month is so much fuss about love and being in love and expressing affection towards our loved ones.

I came across that quote during my study time and I thought to share something in line with it this love season.

We pray to God to give us a very good husband or the best wife. We know all there is to know about what the Bible say about marriage.

However, somewhere in our deepest thought we harbor fears and doubts and what ifs and uncertainties towards that union.

I have come to realize that what we fear the most is what we end up experiencing (your view may be different).

Where am I going with this, stay with me. Our mind is a canvas and we own the pencil to draw on it whatsoever we want to achieve in this life.

In the place of marriage, we need to be conscious of our thoughts because they give birth to our actions which may or may not be in sync with our prayers and wishes of the type of ending we look forward to.

So you see, it’s normal to harbor differences of opinion between a couple but if you truly want a happy ending, you must be able to answer this question:

“What am I feeding my spirit?”

Also, many factors play a huge role in how well or sweet a marriage can be. This stems majorly from our foundation. I never saw my mum and dad together except for once in my entire life and on my wedding day (although they love me so much and found their happiness ).

So daily I make a conscious effort not to allow their inability to impact on my capacity.

I choose to learn from around me, near and beyond.

I make sure I feed my spirit on what I want because my thoughts will birth my action which will in turn form a basis for the goodness I will enjoy in the place of prayer and thanksgiving.

Hence, It is possible to build something good when you find the person, being good or bad is a perception when it concerns humans. What matters is what you do to make the difference.

So think wisely and act accordingly.

The Holy Bible Needs No Charger

I know most of us have Bible Apps on our phone. The one we can quickly go to easily for a quick word of God. The flexibility of usage sometimes deprive us of a quiet meditation and reading of that word from the Book itself.

For me I find it convenient to use my phone app when in church or while I’m watching a sermon online because our teachers of the word are sometimes fast when preaching and we want to grasp as much from them as possible.

But you see, the downside of it is that , I get to text it quickly unto my phone, bookmark it onto my screen, in fact, I also highlight the Words in the Bible App for quick references (for those who know how to use it effectively).

But come to think of, if you do all this with the Bible itself, will you feel any difference? Can you see yourself flipping through pages and it’s like the Holy Spirit is speaking to you as you turn the page, from chapter to chapter.

While It is so amazing that we can actually get translational versions that is easy to understand and relate with. However, a personal time exploring the pages of the Bible has a better fulfillment pattern.

In fact the most advantage is that The Book itself, if effectively used can improve our reading skills, research methods, we can even key into the mystery of success principles, salvation miracles, undistracted by all the other activities going on in our phones .

I started with the Book, I am not going to let technology take it away from me, rather I will, with the use of the book, improve on how I use technology to study God’s word.

I am only sharing my thought, I still love my phone app but what happens when the battery isn’t fully charged, The Holy Bible needs no charger