The Sun, it’s shine and the shadows

When your light comes on, keep it shining. Do not allow yourself to dim your light. I have come to realize that external circumstances try to compel us to remain in the shadows. Remember you did not turn that inner light of yours on by yourself. The universe has conspired to light you up and shine you must!

Shadows are self doubt, unbelief, fear, cage, bondage, limitation, despondency, shame, in fact shadow is like a city. Do not go there! There is a way that seems right unto us sometimes, that road can be likened to all these negative feelings that we harbor. The Bible expressly mentioned that the end of such path is destruction. So, if you dwell in your shadows, you ultimately click the self-destruct button.

Now, shadows is not the same as a reflective period. Some people are in their reflective season and they end up entering into their shadows. A reflective season is that time of self-examination, mentorship, learning and unlearning, identifying weak spots and consciously addressing them. A reflective season is meant to charge you up for your light season. So do not confuse your season of correction to mean it’s a season where you have to hide.

My dear friend, I want to assure you that we are the light that need to keep shining and when dusk come, we can be at rest knowing that our Sun will come up again. So shine I must. Shine, you must.

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