Have you ever wondered how a collection of stones make up a rock? I was just thinking about it and it still marvels me.

I could remember when we were growing up, we used to play with stones. We gather about 5-6 tiny stones and throw them up to pick up another one and then throw it up again. I cant’t remember the title of that game. If you do remember, please mention in the comment section below. Growing up was actually fun. lol

Our fingers and hands get dirty but the lesson was that, we were practically learning the process of visual input to guide reaching out and grasping for things simultaneously. . In my opinion, a winner of that game has an understanding of eye-hand  coordination just by picking up stones, throwing it in the air, pick up another and collect the other one falling due to gravity. The use of that stone and our sensory organs (touch and sight)  determine the result of the game.

In reality, some people throw stones to hurt one another, while some other people gather stones to build up themselves. Some people discard stones while nature collects it to form a rock. Whichever way you look at it, it is serving a function: to build or to destroy. The focal point here is how are we using stones for our good?

Truthfully, we can liken stone to words or actions. The Bible expressly tells us  in the book of Psalm 118:22 and Jesus reminded us in Matthew 21:42 that the stones the builders rejected  became the chief corner stone. The amazing ending was were we were made to understand that it can only be God who can make that happen.

The stone of hurt you planted in another human heart can be redeemed by God. The stone of rejection can become acceptance. The stone of shame can lead to recognition.

Hence, the value of stone is in its use. How are you using your stones? Or are you a recipient of collecting hard knocks, stones being thrown at you and you don’t even know how to use it. Remember that, you don’t have to avoid stones being thrown at you, you can either collect it to build something useful, or collect it, to build your life.

In conclusion, do not avoid stones, they may hurt but they are serving a purpose. Collect them, make them work for your good and at the fullness of time,  the world will see you as a ‘Cornerstone’.

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