One of those days….

It was a bright sunny day in November 2012. I had just returned home from a night shift and I was so tired. I hurriedly had a warm shower and crawled in to bed. I did not even eat anything. Halfway through my sleep I heard my mum call out to me. She wanted me to go and pick my siblings from my Aunty Tinuke’s  (fictional name) house. I am sure you will pity me now. Considering I had just gotten back home from a night shift (why are moms like that) sigh* lol.

I reluctantly got out of bed, dressed up and waltz out of my room. I got to my aunt’s house with my face in my hands, like I’m not even smiling. Guess what the kids said, that they are not going home. That they want to spend more time with  their cousins (eyes rolling now).  Many thoughts ran through my mind and I settled for the easiest one. I went into one of the rooms and continued my beauty sleep…..

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