Faith or Fate

In my world of serenity and lonely pleasure. I feel so alone but not lonely. why? I embraced my loneliness and wrapped it around me  so tight it felt like a clingy lingerie that I could not do without.

In my pursuit of elated bliss I opted for the one thing that meant the most to me-  I felt in tune with my world, my personal definition of grace, my path to wholeness , my recognition of faith , my understanding of life, my relationship with the universe and its constituents, my belief, my believe.

All these towards a path of life. A path of self-searching , self-acceptance and self-actualization.  I reasoned within myself that if one part of me is lacking another part of me will complement for it. For instance,  if i’m not married then  I can be engaged in another fulfilling role that will give me more pleasure and a sense of fulfillment, or if I lack formal education I can work towards self-development which in itself is a  form of education. Moreover, there are many people on this earth who have not been in a classroom, however they possess qualities that can be learn in an educational facility. In short, achievements in life is based on perception, grace, and fortitude.

Is this faith or fate, is it my belief in the existence of  the most high God or is it the notion that people live in seasons in their lifetime. There is no need to doubt that the existence of a supreme being is a factor in life achievements.

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