Buy Land

Often times, people ask us this nerve rattling question: What is your why? I can assure you that every time I was being asked that question, I had different answers but the summary still boils down to freedom. So, I asked myself, freedom from what exactly?!

When I was preparing to relocate to the United Kingdom to study Nursing, I remember my mum sat me down and began to advice me on what I should do once I begin to make money (lol) in a strange land. She was so insistent on me saving up money to come back to Nigeria to buy Land. Then, lands that were on sale were those in Ikorodu area of Lagos.

Most of my growing up years, I lived with my mum’s relatives and a few times my Dad’s. It was there I learnt interpersonal relationships, so I wasn’t used to having a proper home. Home to me then was my grandparents’ place in a remote area after Festac Town. If you ask me what was my definition of home. I would say anywhere  I am surrounded by my loved ones.

To me, home is not a location, it is my heart. Wherever I find happiness is home to me.

Upon reflection, I am sure my mum did not want me to grow up without owning something that I can call my own, to her it was investing in real estate. She meant very well and I’m grateful to God for my family.

On the other hand, real estate to me was for older adults, I was more inclined towards promoting my career by investing more in my education. Even when I had the money to spare, I didn’t (don’t be like me, God has been gracious ever since). I enrolled on training, short courses and write certification exams and the likes. For me, I  attaining the peak of career is very pivotal to my life success. Thankfully, I did and still not relenting. I believe, achieving success in one’s passionate field will motivate one to achieve more in any other field.

Today, I’m glad I followed my heart because it indirectly led me towards real estate eventually. That, is a story for another day.

So, ask yourself, what am I investing in, what story will I write about myself or what will be said of me. If someone ask you What is your Why, what will be your respoonse?

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